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Professional packages were once only available to certain professionals like doctors and lawyers. Fortunately this is no longer the case. The modern professional packages are now available to people based on their level of borrowings, and in some cases income.  

A professional package attracts an annual fee of around $400 per annum; however they offer plenty of advantages. The main advantage of a professional package is that they offer a discount on the standard interest rate; this is usually in the vicinity of 0.5%. There are many other features as well, and these may include a nil application fee, a free credit card, general banking discounts and insurance discounts.

Naturally professional packages vary between lenders, so it is advisable to speak to one of  Home Loan Solutions Mortgage Consultants and discuss which lender offers the features that will benefit you the most. Most importantly  Home Loan Solutions is able to provide an illustration on whether the annual cost of the package is sufficiently offset by the reduction in the interest rate.

Home Loan Solutions  offer Mortgage Broking advice under Finance Brokers License No 2436

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