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Most employees are allowed to stipulate which superannuation fund they would like their employer to pay into. It is essential that you choose the right one for your circumstances. All too frequently we come across clients whom are paying excess fees and are invested in products that are not appropriate for them.

If necessary, Mentor can help choose a superannuation fund that meets your requirement with:

  1. Portability - make sure that if you get a new job, you can invest the contributions from your new employer into the same super fund. This will save you opening another account and paying more fees.
  2. Rollover facilities - make sure that when you retire, you can rollover your lump sum into an allocated pension or term allocated pension account.
  3. Insurance - you should be able to easily access insurance for death, total and permanent disability and income protection through your superannuation fund.
  4. Communication - you should expect to access your account information online and on the phone.
  5. Fees and charges - these may apply when you make contributions, during the investment phase, and when the money is paid to you. Make sure you are fully aware of all relevant fees on your account.
  6. Flexibility - can the fund accept spouse contributions; are you limited / charged to switch investment options?
  7. Investment Choices - are there a number of investment options so that you can have a portfolio tailored to your individual needs?

Please contact Mentor if you would like to discuss this further.

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