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The majority of Australians have their superannuation in a 'balanced' fund. A Balanced Fund is also known as a Diversified Fund, and the funds are spread across the major asset classes -

Growth Assets Defensive Assets
Australian Shares Australian Fixed Interest
International Shares International Fixed Interest
Property Cash

Most Balanced Funds have approximately 60-70% of all funds invested in growth assets and the remainder in defensive assets. The theory behind investing across all the different asset classes is that your returns are smoothed and volatility is minimised.

This may be appropriate for some, perhaps even most Australians, however it is certainly not appropriate for all Australians. Someone who has just joined the workforce may have 40 years before they can access their superannuation and as such may feel it is more worthwhile to have their entire superannuation balance in Growth assets. On the other end of the spectrum a person nearing retirement may be more comfortable with a conservative asset allocation.

Mentor is able to assist with determining the appropriate asset mix for your superannuation.

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