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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Are you concerned with the lack of control and freedom that you have over your superannuation? 

Borrowing within self managed super funds

Super is one of the biggest assets that we own, and if you are concerned about not being in charge of this important asset then you should explore self managed superannuation funds.

Mentor can assist in -

You may choose to invest your funds by yourself or use Mentor's portfolio construction service.

A self managed superannuation fund is a trust where assets are held and managed on behalf the members to provide future retirement benefits. The trustee of your fund decides on your fund's investment strategy and chooses what your fund's assets are invested in. This means your fund's investments can be tailored to suit the specific needs of members before and after retirement. Your funds can also invest in almost anything, including investments typically not available in public superannuation funds, although the investments are subject to certain limitations and legal restrictions.

You need to give consideration to your fund's investment philosophy - investing successfully takes time, effort and discipline. How will you spread your money to manage risk and how long will you give an investment to prove itself? With regard to investment choice, you need to establish what an acceptable return is and how much risk you are willing to take with your retirement savings. Another important consideration is monitoring your own fund's performance - how is it performing relative to other funds after all your costs are factored out? If it's not doing better, or at least as well, perhaps professional management of your superannuation monies may be your better option.

Please note, there are serious ramifications if the trustee of a self managed super fund does not comply with the rules and regulations. SMSF's are complex and there are many things you have to consider including the investment strategy, the administration of your fund and compliance with superannuation and other laws. The ATO has publicly stated that they are targeting self managed super funds and their compliance. Mentor will do its upmost to educate trustees on the rules and regulations but will end our relationship if the trustee exhibits a cavalier approach.

Please contact Mentor and speak with one of our Advisers, so we can provide you with tailored  advice which is appropriate for your individual needs.

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