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If you have money that's uncommitted for a period of time, and are keen to make it work as hard as possible, please contact us.

Mentor Financial Services can construct investment portfolios which are tailored to your individual requirements. We are not owned by a product provider and have the ability to access investments from a large number of companies.

In considering your overall circumstances, we will need to understand the reason for the investment; some people invest to accumulate wealth whilst others seek an income stream. We will also assess your attitude to investment risk and the timeframe for the investment.

Every form of investment carries a degree of risk. There are no guarantees that you will ever make money on any investment - or, in fact, that you won't lose some or all of your money on any investment. The risk attached to some investments, such as a term deposit with a reputable bank, is negligible. Other forms of investment, such as shares, may experience significant fluctuations in value over time (known as 'volatility'). An investor who is not prepared to ride out the volatility and who panics at the sight of falling values may end up selling their investments for much less than the price they originally paid for them.

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