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You don't need to predict the future to build wealth in investment markets. You can make money by simply investing a fixed amount at regular intervals over a period of time. You can also take the guesswork out of trying to pick the right time to buy and sell, and not have to worry about putting all your money in the market at the one time. This strategy is called 'dollar cost averaging' and it can help you to turn the ups and downs of investment markets to your advantage.

Dollar cost averaging is a simple concept that works really well when investing on a regular basis via a managed investment. Assuming you invest a set amount each month, your money will buy more units when prices fall, and fewer units when prices rise.

You can purchase units in a managed fund automatically by arranging to have money transferred directly from your bank account. We recommend reinvesting your income to purchase additional units, your regular investments will then benefit from the power of compound returns. To accelerate the creation of wealth, you could consider instalment gearing, which allows you to supplement your regular investments into a managed fund with regular draw downs from an investment loan.

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