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Risk management and Personal Protection

Whilst we are all naturally optimistic about our future, and that of our family, history has proven time and again that the unexpected occurs. It is important to plan for all eventualities, especially those that puts you at serious risk of not achieving your goals.

For this reason we strongly emphasise ensuring our advice to you meets your long term goals while ensuring they are stress tested against different circumstances.

For the protection of you and your family you’d need to consider:

  • What if you lose your income either through sickness or accident?
  • What if you have a serious illness or accident?
  • For the consideration of your wider goals:
  • What if there is a market crash?
  • What legal issues should I be aware of?
  • What flexibility of your plans might be required (e.g. access to funds)?

These questions, among others, are items we will need to investigate and understand about you to ensure we are not just looking at how to achieve your goals in the ideal circumstances, but also in less favourable and unforeseen circumstances too.